To achieve our mission of "fostering the financial independence of New Yorkers through credit unions," the Foundation provides financial support through four grant programs. These programs are designed to meet the needs of the New York credit union community, and they wouldn't be possible without your support!

  • Disaster Relief Grants are awarded to credit unions, employees, volunteers and members who have been impacted by unforeseen disasters. This grant program is enacted on an emergency or as needed basis. In recent years, hundreds of credit unions and individuals have used these grants to help rebuild after Hurricanes Irene, Maria, and Sandy.
    Video: NYCUF Assists Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
  • Professional Development Grants enable credit union employees and volunteers to attend education and training programs offered by the New York Credit Union Association.
  • Smart Money Grants fund credit unions' efforts to reach emerging and underrepresented markets, including youth, older Americans, immigrant populations and people of low or modest means.
    • Need funding for a financial education/counseling program, homeownership program/service, savings and wealth-building initiative, outreach to the "unbanked," EITC and VITA tax preparation or other project? Learn more and apply
  • Small Credit Union Grants help credit unions with up to $100 million in assets fund initiatives to improve member service.
    • Need funding to purchase new technology, enhance security and operations, or conduct strategic planning at your credit union? Learn more and apply.

Eligibility Requirements

All federal and state-chartered credit unions located in New York State, along with their employees or volunteers, are eligible to apply. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need as a requirement for any program. In addition, Smart Money applicants must be able to define anticipated program outcomes. The total amount of a grant award will vary for members and non-members of the New York Credit Union Association.

Grant Award Limits

Each credit union is eligible for a maximum of $5,750 in total grant funding per year. This includes all Professional Development, Smart Money and Small Credit Union grants. These limits are subject to modification at any time and are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Additional Resources

In addition to these grant programs, there are numerous resources available to help credit unions succeed. To learn more, visit the New York Credit Union Association website. 


Funding is made possible in part to New York credit unions that participate in the Community Investment Fund.