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If completing this application on someone's behalf, please provide your contact information.

To complete the application process, applicant must read and agree to the statements below.
By electronically submitting this application, the applicant attests that the information contained herein is accurate and has been approved by the credit union president/manager/CEO and any additional supervisors.
The applicant understands that notification of grant award decision will be made within seven (7) business days from the date of application submission. If the grant application is for a New York Credit Union Association education & training session or conference, please complete the event registration after receiving grant notification from the New York Credit Union Foundation.
The applicant understands that grant funds do not cover late or cancellation fees. If the applicant does not attend or cancels enrollment to a program or event for which grant funds were received in advance, the applicant will be required to return the financial award and invoiced administrative fees.