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Your support enables us to continue our mission of making a lasting impact on the financial health and literacy of New Yorkers. By contributing to the New York Credit Union Foundation, you are investing in a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive financially. Whether through educational programs, disaster relief, or community empowerment initiatives, your generosity helps us build a stronger, more financially literate New York.


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Endowment Giving 

Endowment giving offers a lasting way to support the New York Credit Union Foundation, providing sustainable, long-term funding distinct from annual contributions. Endowments are pivotal, with the principal amount preserved indefinitely and only the investment returns utilized, ensuring ongoing support for the Foundation's future. Among the Foundation's endowments are:


  • The Chairperson's Endowment was created in 2005 in the name of John Gibardi, who was the outgoing Chair of the Credit Union Association of New York at that time. This fund supports the general operations of the Foundation with its income.

  • The Harold Korman Endowment, also established in 2005, commemorates a credit union industry pioneer, with income from this funding credit unions with smaller asset sizes.

  • The Sidney Stahl Educational Endowment, founded in 1995, honors Sidney Stahl's impact on the NYS credit union movement, funding education and training initiatives.


For those interested in contributing to these lasting legacies or exploring the creation of a new named fund, please reach out to Member Relations for further information and to align your gift with your philanthropic interests.


Tribute Gifts 

Celebrate the achievements and milestones of those within the New York credit union movement by making a donation to the New York Credit Union Foundation in their honor. Whether it's to mark a significant anniversary, birthday, exceptional service, or to commemorate a colleague's award, a dedicated donation is a meaningful gesture of appreciation and respect. Additionally, donations can serve as a heartfelt way to remember a departed coworker, volunteer, friend, or family member, ensuring their legacy continues to impact the community positively. To make this special dedication, simply select the 'Dedicate this Gift' option when you donate online. Each contribution is tax-deductible.


Planned Giving

Leave a lasting impact on New York State by including the Foundation in your will or as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. This gesture allows you to extend your commitment to the "people helping people" philosophy beyond your lifetime, offering a meaningful legacy to the future of credit unions. Bequests and life insurance policy nominations are straightforward ways to contribute, ensuring that your passion for community support and financial empowerment lives on. These planned gifts not only offer potential tax benefits but also allow you to maintain control of your assets while alive. 


Whether you choose to specify an amount, a percentage of your estate, or name the Foundation as a contingent beneficiary, your contribution will support the Foundation's mission to enhance the well-being of credit union communities. For detailed guidance on making a planned gift, please consult your legal and financial advisors, and feel free to reach out to the Foundation for any questions or to express your intentions.


Support the New York Credit Union Foundation in our mission of positively impacting New Yorkers through credit unions.

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