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The New York Credit Union Foundation is proud to offer IMPACT Grants, a program specifically designed to support the innovative and inclusive efforts of credit unions across New York State. Our grants aim to fund a wide range of initiatives, from technology advancements and security enhancements to strategic consulting services and outreach to underserved communities. With a focus on fostering the growth and effectiveness of credit unions, we are dedicated to ensuring that all New Yorkers, regardless of their background or financial status, have access to empowering financial services.


Application Process

The application process for IMPACT Grants can be found on our Grants Applications page. Online applications as well as information on alternative options are outlined and provided. 


Grant Range

IMPACT Grants offer funding up to $5,000 per calendar year, providing substantial support for credit unions to implement projects that make a real difference in their communities. However, the availability of funds and unique project merits may influence the final grant award, with no guarantee of maximum funding for all applicants.



Eligible applicants include all federal and state-chartered credit unions within New York. To qualify, applicants must clearly define the anticipated benefits and outcomes of their proposed project, demonstrating how it aligns with the purpose of the grant. The total amount of a grant award will vary for members and non-members of the New York Credit Union Association.


Use of IMPACT Grant Funds

Funds can be applied to a variety of projects, such as:

  • Enhancements in technology and operations
  • Security upgrades
  • Strategic planning and consulting services
  • Financial education for all ages
  • Homeownership and financial counseling programs
  • Initiatives for savings and wealth building
  • Expanding access to financial services for the "unbanked"
  • Outreach to underserved or emerging markets, including youth, older Americans, and immigrant populations


Applications are assessed based on the credit union’s financial need and performance. Successful projects will have clearly defined, measurable goals, accompanied by a detailed budget and relevant supporting documentation. Note that each credit union may submit only one IMPACT Grant application at a time, and incomplete applications will not be considered.


Examples of Our IMPACT

The New York Credit Union Foundation's IMPACT Grants have funded a wide array of impactful projects. These examples reflect just a fraction of the diverse and transformative projects supported by IMPACT Grants:


High Point Federal Credit Union significantly enhanced community safety by installing AEDs at all locations and training over 35 staff members in CPR/AED, ensuring preparedness for cardiac emergencies.


In collaboration with Cooperative Federal Credit Union and the Syracuse City School District, the 'Mad City Money' program educated 74 'unbanked' and 'underbanked' high school students in Syracuse on essential financial skills through interactive simulations.


Support the New York Credit Union Foundation in our mission of positively impacting New Yorkers through credit unions.

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