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The New York Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to the financial empowerment of individuals and communities across New York. Through our targeted grant programs, we aim to make a profound impact on the lives of New Yorkers, ensuring access to financial resources and education for all.


We offer three main areas of support designed to address a wide array of needs:

  • Professional Development Grants enable credit union employees and volunteers to attend education and training programs offered by the New York Credit Union Association.
  • IMPACT Grants can help fund credit union efforts in a variety of areas such as technology and operational enhancements, security upgrades, consulting services such as strategic planning and efforts to support emerging and underrepresented markets, including youth, older Americans, immigrant populations, and people of low or modest means.
  • Disaster Relief Grants are awarded to credit unions, employees, volunteers, and members who have been impacted by unforeseen disasters. This grant program is enacted on an emergency or as-needed basis. In recent years, hundreds of credit unions and individuals have used these grants to help rebuild after Hurricanes Irene, Maria, and Sandy.

Eligibility and Support

Our grant programs are open to all federal and state-chartered credit unions in New York including their employees and volunteers. We extend additional resources to ensure the success and growth of New York credit unions, embodying our commitment to financial well being for every New Yorker.

Your support is crucial. Donations to the New York Credit Union Foundation fund these transformative grant programs, directly impacting credit unions and their members. By contributing, you're investing in a future where financial well-being is accessible to everyone in New York. 


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