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The New York Credit Union Foundation is committed to fostering the growth and development of credit union professionals and volunteers across New York State. Through our Professional Development Grants, we provide financial support to credit union employees and volunteers, enabling them to participate in educational and training programs. These opportunities, offered by the New York Credit Union Association, are designed to enhance professional skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities.


Application Process

The application process for Professional Development Grants can be found on our Grants Applications page. Online applications as well as information on alternative options are outlined and provided. 


Applications for Professional Development Grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year, subject to the availability of funds. To ensure timely processing, applications must be submitted at least ten days before the scheduled event. Applicants will be notified of grant decisions within seven business days from the submission date.



Eligibility for these grants extends to all federal and state-chartered credit unions in New York. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and how the professional development opportunity will benefit their role and credit union. The total grant award will vary depending on membership status with the New York Credit Union Association.


Grant Award Limits

Each credit union may receive a maximum of $2,500 per calendar year in Professional Development Grant funding. While the Foundation strives to accommodate as many applicants as possible, awards are subject to fund availability and are competitively reviewed. Unique circumstances may lead to awards that exceed the stated maximum, though applying does not guarantee funding.


Use of Grant Funds

Grant funds are allocated specifically for the registration fees associated with attending professional development workshops, conferences, and training sessions offered by or through New York Credit Union Association. These opportunities are designed to elevate the expertise and effectiveness of credit union professionals, contributing to the overall success and service quality of credit unions.


Review Criteria

The Foundation will evaluate the grant application based on your credit union's financial need and performance.


Support the New York Credit Union Foundation in our mission of positively impacting New Yorkers through credit unions.

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